Date: 13 Oct 2024 to 16 Oct 2024

The Brain Conference: Neuronal Protein Synthesis Mechanisms in Health and Disease

Venue: Rungsted Strandvej 107, 2960 Rungsted Kyst, Denmark


Event Notes:

The regulation of protein synthesis is essential for neuronal function, including synaptic transmission and plasticity. The regulation of protein synthesis is essential for proper synaptic function and to allow proteome remodeling. Many of the same regulatory nodes that are used to regulate normal neuronal protein synthesis are likely affected during disease states, resulting in dysfunctional proteostasis and synaptic dysfunction. These key topics will be discussed at the upcoming Brain Conference.

Organised by FENS in collaboration with the Lundbeck Foundation, awarder of The Brain Prize, these bi-annual conferences bring together outstanding researchers in key areas of contemporary neuroscience to discuss current concepts and define challenges for future research.