Date: 04 Jul 2023 to 07 Jul 2023

The Festival Of Touch

Venue: Campus Saint-Charles of Aix-Marseille University


Event Notes:

The Festival of Touch aims to bring together researchers working in the sense of touch from across the world. It will be a joint meeting of two networks: Research in Touch and IASAT: International Association for the Study of Affective Touch.

The conference will be held between 4-7 July 2023 at Campus Saint-Charles of Aix-Marseille University and will include four days of oral and poster presentations on touch, as well as hands-on demonstrations. This will be an excellent opportunity for researchers interested in touch to come together from across the world to present and share their research. We will have different sessions that focus on topics such as peripheral mechanoreceptors to the central interpretation of touch and include the domains of haptics and affective touch.



  • How skin mechanics shape touch
  • Affective touch: more than skin stroking
  • Wetness, slip, stick, and texture
  • C-fibers – what is their functional role?
  • Multisensory and central influences in touch interactions
  • Tricking the system: tactile illusions and prosthetic touch

Keynote Speakers:

  • Sliman Bensmaia
  • Gary Lewin
  • Rochelle Ackerley
  • Ingvars Birznieks
  • India Morrison