Date: 18 May 2023

The Hot Brain – Climate Change and Neuroscience

Venue: London, UK


Event Notes:

Climate change is here. What does it mean for the neuroscience community and people with neurological conditions, and for those working in neurological healthcare? The purpose of this one day hybrid conference is to raise awareness, share knowledge and discuss and promote action around the impacts of climate change across the spectrum of neuroscience, from basic biology to adaptation, with presentations from a wide range of experts. Climate change is already affecting our lives: this conference aims to begin dialogues on how we can respond in neuroscience.

Topics will include:

Lived Experience: Dravet Syndrome
Climate Change: an introduction to the science
Brain gene expression changes with temperature
How the human body copes with heat
Climate, buildings, health: adapting residential care
Climate Change: the health cost
Temperature effects and in vitro models
Neurology in the heat of Spain
The psychology of climate action
Lived Experience: alternating hemiplegia of childhood
Climate Change and the spread of disease
Temperature effects in animal models
Neurology in the Philippines, a climate-challenged country
Climate Change and cities: what can we expect?
The Greener NHS plan: now and tomorrow
What can we do as health professionals?
Please note that this is a Hybrid meeting, online & in person at Kennedy Lecture Theatre, Institute of Child Health – Main Building, 30 Guildford Street, London, WC1N 1EH.