The Fatigue Book: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and long COVID fatigue: practical tips for recovery

Author(s): Lydia Rolley

Published by: Hammersmith Health Books

Price: £14.95

No. of Pages: 304

ISBN Number: 978-1781612378

Book reviewed by: Sharon Witton

Published online: 21 Feb 2023

The Fatigue Book is an accessible self help book for anyone living with chronic fatigue. It may also be useful for their loved ones.

There are a 100 tips which are clearly defined and explained. Furthermore it is illustrated beautifully with an interesting proverb which encapsulates the complex and layered narrative.

Lydia has created a book on fatigue which concurrently validates their experience and gently informs of strategies to move towards recovery.

The overriding tone of the book encapsulates the experience of a therapist who has had a long career working alongside people who are struggling with fatigue. It also shares how her faith has helped her find a connection with something bigger than herself thereby addressing the spiritual fatigue which is often an ignored component in medical interventions.

Lydia’s intention was to equip people with an easy to try and understand list of tools to manage fatigue. She achieves this by making the book a joyful, easy read. I would recommend it to patients who have struggled to find a way towards recovery. I would also recommend that they bought it for disbelieving loved ones who would benefit from knowing all the tried and tested fatigue management interventions that have worked for others.

The references to Covid and Long Covid are mostly applicable. However they do not fully address the emerging evidence regarding post exertional symptom exacerbation and dysautonomia.

Long Covid recovery information is still emerging. However the importance of rehabilitation; which includes learning how to rest as much as how to move forward is a crucial component of recovery. Reducing crashes and finding balance between rest and activity being the most successful strategy seen amongst patients. A book including these themes of similar design and content would certainly be a further addition to the growing number of self help books on the subject.