Nolte’s The Human Brain

Author(s): Professor Todd Vanderah and Professor Douglas Gould

Published by: Elsevier Health Sciences Division

Price: £55.99

No. of Pages: 672

ISBN Number: 9780323653985

Book reviewed by: Paria Malekahmadi

Published online: 17 Jan 2022

This book is aimed at students and teachers alike.

The anatomy of the brain and nervous system more generally are covered in great detail. Useful pathophysiology is presented in vignettes, for example, Brown Séquard syndrome and myasthenia gravis. Clinical focus boxes which provide an overview of neuropathology and neuropharmacology are new features of the 8th edition. For my preference, they might have been more numerous.

Some of the more appealing chapters of the book include those on blood supply to the brain, synaptic transmission between neurons, the spinal cord and eye movements. A clear writing style is used throughout the book and concepts are explained concisely. A glossary has been provided which defines the key terms succinctly. References are included at the end of each chapter. A multitude of images and diagrams are used by the author which help the reader gain a better understanding of the function of the human brain and the anatomy. The book contains two atlases, one of the human forebrain and another of the brainstem only, with annotated diagrams demonstrating the different areas of the forebrain and brainstem. Perhaps similar resources, for the cerebellum and cord, could have been added.

A unique feature is that the reader can gain access to a range of multiple-choice questions that have been designed for each chapter, however, these are available online only. And although the book is a great source for any university student wishing to study the brain in detail, it falls down as a tool for revision through the lack of summary sections.

Overall, this a very good book which is easy to recommend.