Neuro-oncology Part 1. Handbook of Clinical Neurology (Volume 104)

Edited by: Wolfgang Grisold and Riccardo Soffietti

Published by: Elsevier

Price: £173.00

No. of Pages: 488

ISBN Number: 9780444521385

Ebook ISBN Number: 9780444534958

Book reviewed by: Simon Kerrigan

Published online: 11 Feb 2012

This book boasts a stellar authorship from the world of neuro-oncology with chapters written by many of the current leading lights in the field from around the world. Part I contains an overview of basic principles including pathogenesis and epidemiology of CNS Tumours and the basic principles of therapy including surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, symptom management and the role of clinical trials. Each chapter is succinct and very readable. There are extensive references for those looking for more detail. Volume II promises a more detailed exploration of specific tumour types and neuro- logical complications of systemic cancer.

Although most likely to appeal to those with a special interest in neuro-oncology, the sections on neuro-imaging and principles of therapy are of wider appeal.

There are few, comprehensive and up-to-date works in the area of neuro-oncology and this book goes a long way towards filling that gap and I would highly recommend it.