ACNR indexed in DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals)

DOAJ indexes and promotes quality, peer-reviewed open access journals from around the world. It is the most important community-driven, open access service in the world and has a reputation for advocating best practices and standards in open access. DOAJ’s basic criteria for inclusion have become the accepted way of measuring an open access journal’s adherence to standards in scholarly publishing.

The article metadata which ACNR submits to DOAJ is free for anyone to collect and use, which means it is easily incorporated into search engines and discovery services. It is then propagated across the internet.
ACNR article data is supplied to all the major aggregators and the many research organisations and university library portals who use DOAJ widgets, RSS feeds, API and other services.

We are therefore delighted that ACNR has been indexed by DOAJ, because it gives quality assurance plus even greater exposure and impact to the work of our authors.

Open access publication funds often require that authors who want funding must publish in journals that are included in DOAJ. Indexing in DOAJ ensures that ACNR is compliant with many initiatives and programmes around the world, for example Plan S in Europe or Capes/Qualis in Brazil. 

There are no author or institution charges for ACNR authors – for more information about our publishing model, see our About Section.

If you are interested in writing for ACNR and reaching a wide, international audience, please get in touch with Publisher Rachael Hansford.