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  • The 2016 WHO Classification of paediatric CNS tumours – the essentials
  • Posted in Neurosurgery

  • 02nd Aug 2018

  •   Harsha Narayanamurthy MBBS, MRCS, is a Specialty Registrar (ST7) in Neurosurgery on the Severn and Peninsula Deanery training programme, and is interested in Neuro-oncology, tumour genetics and novel approaches to brain tumour treatment.       Peter Whitfield BM (Distinction in Clin Med), PhD, FRCS Eng., FRCS, SN, FHEA is a Consultant and Associate […]

  • Surgical and Non-surgical Management of Carotid Atherosclerosis
  • Posted in Neurosurgery

  • 12th Mar 2013

  • Epidemiology and natural history of stroke Stroke is a significant cause of mortality and morbidity with the worldwide incidence of new strokes being approximately 16 million per year, resulting in approximately 5.7 million deaths.1 Within the UK it is the third largest cause of death, accounting for 11% of all deaths in England, and is […]