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  • Optogenetic Treatment of Epilepsy
  • Posted in Management Topics in Epilepsy

  • 13th Mar 2013

  • Pharmacoresistant epilepsy is common, and surgery to remove the epileptogenic zone is only indicated for a minority of patients referred for consideration of such treatment. Although some progress has been achieved with gene therapy in experimental models of epilepsy, this is usually considered irreversible, in that the excitability of neurons or their synaptic properties are […]

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  • Management Topics in Epilepsy
  • Posted in Management Topics in Epilepsy

  • 31st Jan 2013

  • In the first volume of ACNR, the young and naïve editors invited me to write a  series of articles discussing specific management topics in epilepsy.  Ten years later, they are older and a little wiser. This time, rather than writing them myself, I have been asked to commission proper experts to write the articles.  Consequently […]