ACNR Podcast – celebrating 20 years of ACNR

It is a great pleasure to mark ACNR’s 20th anniversary with a new departure for the reviews section. This is our first podcast review. And what better inaugural podcast to review than the ACNR’s very own, in the form of an interview by Sri Kodali. Sri questions no less a pair than Rachael Hansford, ACNR publisher for the entirety of its first 20 years, and ACNR’s founding editor, Professor Roger Barker. I hope I may be forgiven for throwing all objectivity and caution to the wind, and saying that I thought it was absolutely great. Seriously though, it really was. This was a delightful half-hour of two friends enjoying a bright and breezy yet erudite conversation, with a few judicious prompts from Sri, and an occasional ‘mensh’ for such luminaries as Alasdair Coles and Mike Zandi. Regaining my composure, I can say objectively that it’s all very well produced and well presented. And what a great story! These are people who have found a way of working on stuff they enjoy. Better still, it’s a story of being proactive with pragmatism to create something worthwhile…ACNR. I thought it was a mini masterclass in managing, and avoiding, both undue hesitancy and excess risk.
This podcast encompasses life, brain, anxiety, motivation, and joy, and of course it’s all Neuroscience.

Reviewed by: Rhys Davies, Consultant Neurologist at the Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery in Liverpool and at Yssbyty Gwynedd in Bangor, North Wales, UK.