Applied EEG Neuroscience specialists BrainTrainUK launches new QEEG service

Source: News provided by BrainTrainUK
Published online: 8/1/18

Advanced QEEG Brain Mapping (AQBM) is now available for the first time in Europe.
Using Sterman-Kaiser Imaging Labs software, AQBM is a significant advance on existing QEEGs. AQBM captures more data and provides unprecedented levels of information, analysis and interpretation.

Analysis includes:

  • Peak Frequency
  • Sensory integration
  • Visual perception & memory integration
  • Motor, body, emotive ability
  • Social & executive perception
  • Cortico-limbic integration
  • Verified neuromarkers for pyschological pathologies

The analysis of corticolimbic integration makes AQBM unique. The tool assesses the balance of instinct and reason driving interpretation and behaviour. Neuromarkers identify correlations between EEG patterns and traits by Brodmann Area.” AQBM enable increased understanding of brain functions for therapy and inform EEG Biofeedback protocols.

Managing Director Stuart Black

Available in BrainTrainUK’s clinic locations in London, Surrey, Bucks, Herts and Yorkshire. For more information call 0207 118 0887 or email