Brain Tumour Support: Sparkle up your day

Charity that supports brain tumour patients in Hampshire and across the UK appeals for the local community to get involved in a fundraising day on 7th May.

Brain Tumour Support, a charity that runs monthly Support Groups in Lymington, Southampton and Portsmouth, is asking for local groups, schools, companies and communities to get involved with ’Sparkle Day’ on the 7th May – a fundraising day that involves people bringing a bit of sparkle into their day and donating to Brain Tumour Support. “Whether it’s edible glitter on some cupcakes, wearing something sparkly to work or sticking glitter in your beard, we want everyone to get involved, get together, and donate,” says CEO Tina Mitchell Skinner, who set up the charity 16 years ago after losing her husband to a brain tumour. “Demand for our services is constantly growing and we urgently need to help more brain tumour patients and their families. To do this we rely on donations and we hope that the people of Hampshire will get behind our campaign and help us achieve our vision that no-one should feel alone when facing a brain tumour diagnosis.”

There are currently more than 100,000 people in the UK living with a brain tumour. The effects of a diagnosis can be devastating. Patients often lose their job, their driving licence and their independence. A brain tumour can also affect a patient’s personality and can cause depression and anxiety. The impact on life is felt by loved ones too, and that’s why Brain Tumour Support’s services, including support groups, counselling, and on-line and telephone support, are available for family and friends as well. It is support that proves to be a lifeline for many.

The charity hopes that local schools, companies, community groups and individuals will come up with unique ways of sparkling up their day.

“Last year, we had teachers, social workers, fire fighters, hospital staff, playgroups, friends, families and even pets joining in,” said Mrs Mitchell Skinner.

To meet the growing demand for our services, we need to raise £600,000 per year. Through Sparkle Day 2020, we hope to raise £12,000 – enough to fund two of our Support Groups for twelve months. And if you can’t hold an event on the 7th don’t worry, there will be lots of people sparkling up for us on other days in May too. Anyone wanting to get involved can contact our Fundraising Team for ideas or help with their event.

Please visit to find out more information or contact the Fundraising Team on 01454 422705 or