Drug Science Announce a 20,000 Patient UK National Medical Cannabis Pilot: Project TWENTY21

Drug Science is implementing Project TWENTY21 with the goal of providing medical cannabis to UK patients who may benefit from it. In the first instance, the Pilot will be targeting the following patients and situations, specifically focusing on times in which alternative treatment has failed:

  • Chronic pain
  • PTSD, with a focus on the veteran community
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Tourette’s syndrome
  • Prison populations as a harm reduction strategy
  • Cannabis use disorder and substance use disorder as a harm reduction strategy

To achieve this goal, Project TWENTY21 will develop a body of evidence using a real-world data registry which documents the efficacy, safety, QALY and patient reported outcomes in those prescribed medical cannabis.

This data will then be used to support applications to health authorities in the expectation that there will soon be a new regulatory system for medical cannabis in the UK.

Drug Science is in the final stages of appointing a clinician and management team for Project TWENTY21, led by current CEO David Badcock.

Drug Science Chair Prof David Nutt FMedSci said:

Cannabis was a medicine in the UK for over a century until 1971 when it was banned for political reasons. Since then hundreds of thousands of patients have been forced to break the law to get a treatment that most find preferable to their previous prescription medicines. Despite the UK making cannabis a medicine in November 2018 there have as yet been only a handful of prescriptions on the NHS. To rectify this impasse Drug Science has joined forces with the United Patients Alliance, leading academics and several medical cannabis producers to open up a treatment network for up to 20,000 patients. This will allow patients to get vital therapy without breaking the law. It will also provide a solid clinical database from which experience of and confidence in, medical cannabis prescribing will develop, providing a foundation for other medical prescribers to build on.

More information can be found about the pilot, which is scheduled to commence in Q4 CY19, at http://www.mycannabisaccess.co.uk

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