inc From the Editor

Todd Hardy

The latest issue of ACNR begins with an article from Heather Angus-Leppan and colleagues from London who have developed an online self-education tool for patients with epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis called Confidence College.

The next article is from Julie Jones from Aberdeen, Katherine Baker from Newcastle and Bhanu Ramaswamy from Sheffield who review the evidence for physical therapy in Parkinson’s disease and provide concrete examples of the types of activities that can be beneficial for patients throughout the disease course.

Mark Baker and Timothy Wilkins from Newcastle and Andrew Larner from Liverpool write an entertaining vignette about the life and work of Moritz Heinrich Romberg – a man whose name is familiar to every Neurologist for his eponymous sign, albeit a sign that is commonly misspelt.

ACNR’s Epilepsy Editor, Marco Mula, introduces the first of a series of articles looking at co-morbidities in epilepsy with a paper by Guy Leschziner from London on the bidirectional relationship between epilepsy and sleep.

The latest in our sleep series sees Poppy Goldsmith from Manchester and Kirstie Anderson from Newcastle highlighting the lack of evidence that psychostimulants such as modafinil are truly “smart drugs” because, although they may boost wakefulness, they may not necessarily enhance memory.

Vestibular migraine is the latest topic to be covered in our headache series. Nitesh Patel, Kulvinder Talewah, Anish Bahra and Diego Kaski from London tease out the clinical features that help to distinguish the condition from important differential diagnoses and provide a guide to treatment.

Our history article from JMS Pearce elucidates the anatomy and significance of the auricular branch of the vagus nerve or Arnold’s nerve.

The conference reports are from Louise Blakeborough reviewing the UKABIF 2021 conference and The Social Determinants of Neurological disease: Tackling Inequalities meeting is reviewed by Christina Mousele, Alastair Noyce, Ruth Dobson and Charles Marshall. Giulia Attard Navarro and Charles Fry review the 20th Annual King’s Neuromuscular Symposium.

Our book reviews are from AJ Larner reviewing Mario Mendes The Mental Status Examination and medical student Paliah Malekahmadi who reviews Nolte’s The Human Brain by Todd Vanderah and Douglas Gould.