Janssen is a proud sponsor of the ABN-INA joint meeting

Janssen is proud to have sponsored the recent ABN-INA joint meeting in Belfast. We recognise the educational impact of events like these, and are grateful to the delegates who attended our lunchtime symposium on Wednesday 10th on the topic of ‘How can brain volume measures inform clinical practice? What have we learned from multiple sclerosis?’

Brain volume loss (BVL) has been shown to correlate well with disease progression, and is increasingly used as an efficacy outcome measure on the group level in clinical trials of disease modifying treatments (DMTs). Despite this, BVL is rarely used to monitor individual patients in the clinical setting due to methodological, statistical and resource challenges. In addition, there remains to be a widespread understanding among the clinical and scientific community of what pathological processes brain volume loss actually shows.

In our symposium we explored this measure further and considered how we can bridge the gap between clinical trial results and management of patients in the clinical setting. In addition, we presented recent Janssen data on not only BVL, but also other markers of disease progression, including neurofilament light chain and myelin preservation.

CP-393915               June 2023