IQoro – A new neuromuscular rehabilitation approach to dysphagia after stroke

IQoro is a neuromuscular training device and regime designed to treat the causes of dysphagia – especially after stroke, Hiatus hernia and its associated symptoms of reflux, LPR and GERD, and snoring and sleep apnoea. It is successfully used by about 4500 patients, predominantly in its country of origin, Sweden, but relatively new to the UK. It is a CE marked class I medical device and has a growing number of private users in the UK who have purchased via the company’s website

The company is starting a series of service evaluations in UK NHS hospitals to provide evidence of its applicability in the UK Healthcare system. The device is small, simple and usually self-administered allowing easy deployment amongst patients in their own homes or in residential care as well as in the in-patient setting.

Clinical studies available on the company’s website show that a training period of 5 to 13 weeks can improve swallowing in 97% of patients and restore normal swallowing in 63%.
The company is seeking to start limited service evaluations in other NHS institutions and welcomes enquiries.