IQoro for stroke-related dysphagia

NICE has developed a Medtech Innovation Briefing (MIB) with advice to aid local decision making on the use of IQoro for stroke-related dysphagia. Concluding their in-depth study of the effectiveness of IQoro® in the treatment of the legacy of stroke, NICE judged it to be unique, innovative and that the intended place in therapy would be as well as standard speech and language therapy in people with stroke-related dysphagia.

In one of the scientific papers assessed and referenced by NICE in the bulletin, a group of patients with stroke that had suffered swallowing difficulties for up to ten years were treated with IQoro®. After 5 to 8 weeks’ treatment, 97% had improved their swallow, and 63% regained a normal swallowing ability.

This important news allows NHS staff to consider deploying IQoro® treatment in the post-acute, residential care, community care or domiciliary care phases as outlined by NICE in the MIB.