Neurokinex funding facilitates bursaries to support children with paralysis

The Neurokinex Charitable Trust is now able to offer bursaries to children living with paralysis at its Neurokinex Kids centre in Gatwick thanks to receiving £20,000 in funding from The Peter Harrison Foundation Community Fund. The ‘small grants fund’ organisation supports local community and voluntary groups and this award is part of its ‘Special Needs and Care for Children and Young People’ programme.

The Neurokinex Kids Centre Sponsorship Fund will allow access to cutting-edge neurological rehabilitation for eligible children living with all forms of paralysis, including spinal cord injury, stroke, transverse myelitis and cerebral palsy.

Neurokinex is a leading, not-for-profit provider of activity-based rehabilitation. Established in 2013, it is the first and only International affiliate of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation’s NeuroRecovery Network®. Neurokinex sets out to ‘redefine possibilities’ for people with paralysis: its programmes stimulate and load the entire nervous and musculoskeletal systems through carefully crafted, task-specific exercises with the assistance of skilled therapists.

The Neurokinex Kids centre for paediatric neurorecovery opened its doors in April 2018 at the Neurokinex Gatwick site.  Neurokinex paediatric beneficiaries take part in activities such as active standing, cycling, swinging, climbing and walking, tailored to their neurological impairment. This offers children a multitude of benefits including improvements in neurological function, muscle bulk and quality, cardiovascular health, strength and stamina, balance and trunk control, skin and bone health, range of motion and psychological wellbeing.

“Securing this funding from The Peter Harrison Foundation will be life-changing for some of our young beneficiaries,” Kate Thornton-Jones, Fundraising Director for Neurokinex. “A spinal cord injury at any age is devastating, but it’s particularly serious in the very young.  That said, children’s bodies are highly adaptable and if injured youngsters are able to access quality rehabilitation, we can work together to maximise their rehabilitation. We are very grateful to The Peter Harrison Foundation whose generosity in funding these bursaries will support more families and ensure their children can access our support.”

Please contact for information on how to apply.