Neurokinex launches charitable trust

Neurokinex – provider of neurological activity-based rehabilitation – has launched the Neurokinex Charitable Trust to provide specialised neurological rehabilitation for various forms of paralysis. Established in 2013, Neurokinex is the first and only European affiliate of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation’s Neuro Recovery Network. It sets out to ‘redefine possibilities’ for people with a spinal cord injury: its programmes stimulate and load the entire nervous and musculoskeletal systems through carefully crafted, task-specific exercises with the assistance of skilled therapists.

I believe that everyone living with a neurological impairment resulting from paralysis deserves access to high quality rehabilitation and wellness programmes based on the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience and neuro-restorative research,”

says Harvey Sihota, Neurokinex CEO and founder. “My hope is that by raising funds for initiatives such as a dedicated paediatric capability, individual bursaries and an innovation fund to support continuous improvement, more and more people with spinal cord injury can access our groundbreaking programmes and maximise their rehabilitation and recovery.”