New support group for families affected by brain injury

A new Special Interest Group (SIG) was launched on September 9, 2021 to provide support, advice and resources to families affected by acquired brain injury (ABI).

Anchor Point will raise awareness of the needs of families of people with a brain injury, identify their unmet needs and deliver research, information and education required to make a positive difference.

Charlie Whiffin, Adult Nurse and Senior Lecturer at the University of Derby, decided to create Anchor Point after seeing the gap in provision and understanding for the family of individuals with a brain injury.

Charlie said:

Over the past ten years an increasing number of studies have looked at how family members are affected by the impact of acquired brain injury and their crucial role in neurorehabilitation and long-term support. It is now well recognised that the experience of family members can be complex and enduring.

“Brain injury has a far-reaching impact on the family. The injury can be a life-long condition and for family members to provide the best possible care and support, they need access to accurate information. It is apparent to me that as health and social care professionals, we need to work together to pool our knowledge and experiences and improve the support available to families.”

Chloe Hayward, Executive Director of UK Acquired Brain Injury Forum (UKABIF), said: “We are delighted to work with Anchor Point to provide a much-needed service to families affected by brain injury – we know just how vital a role families can play in the on-going support and care of individuals with an acquired brain injury.

 “People can join Anchor Point via our website. Through active participation of family members and health care professionals it will create a space where people with different knowledge and experiences can connect to work together to research, contribute, inform and improve service provision.”

You can find out more about Anchor Point at www.ukabif/anchorpoint or by emailing