Organoid intelligence

A Swiss startup is creating computer processors using living neurons from human skin

Instead of relying on digital chip processors, a Swiss startup called FinalSpark believes the world needs biological ones that use much less energy. FinalSpark says that it has tested 10 million living neurons and that research work is already underway on building thinking machines from live human neurons derived from skin.

The company is growing neurons in cell cultures to showcase self-sustaining computing capability for the future creation of AI models. They want to lead the shift from artificial engineering to biological engineering, predicting that DNA data storage may outperform cloud storage in the future, in terms of sustainability and efficiency.

Current AI models copy human thinking after months of training on data. FinalSpark wants to achieve actual human reasoning capable of analysing emotions, while creating new ideas and concepts outside its own experience.

Organoid Intelligence

In February, scientists led by researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore detailed a plan for what they called “organoid intelligence.” This would work by designing a thinking system of tiny three-dimensional neural structures grown from human stem cells. These would be connected to sensors and output devices and trained through machine learning. “Looking at this trend, one can imagine that biological neural networks could also replace artificial neural networks for many computing applications, including AI,” said FinalSpark co-founder Fred Jordan.

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organoid intelligence