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  • Inherited Ion Channel Disorders of the Brain
  • Posted in Clinical Review Article

  • 31st Jan 2013

  • The last two decades have witnessed a rapid increase in the number of inherited disorders caused by ion channel mutations. One of the major challenges is to delineate the full clinical spectrum of these ‘channelopathies’. Among this expanding group, neurological ion channel disorders are among the best characterised, reflecting the fundamental importance of electrical excitability […]

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  • Genetic Causes of Sporadic Parkinson’s Disease
  • Posted in Leading Norwegian Scientific Discoveries

  • 31st Jan 2013

  • Norwegian leading discoveries in neurology and neuroscience are presented in a series of short articles in ACNR, initiated by the journal. All the selected discoveries have links to ongoing research projects in leading groups. They span from clinical to more basic topics. The discoveries are all relevant for clinicians evaluating and treating patients with brain […]