The Missing Pieces: Identifying the gaps in care and conversations in MS

This report explores the attitudes of both people with MS and their healthcare professionals towards treatment of the disease in the UK. The report is developed and funded by Sanofi Genzyme.

“MS is an unpredictable, progressive neurological condition. Therefore, there is no universal patient journey in MS; the severity and range of symptoms differ from one person to the next. Being able to access specialist care, including a multidisciplinary team and the right treatment as early  as possible in the disease progression is vital. This new report is aligned with the nine consensus statements in the MS Trust’s MS Forward View report which sets out the ambition for the future of MS Services in England. Working together to raise public awareness and address areas where we lag behind is critical in order to transform care for and improve the quality of life of people who are affected by this complex condition. 

The MS Trust is making great progress in addressing some of the issues in capacity through two key initiatives, the Specialist Nurse Programme and Advanced MS Champions Programme. We are delighted the wider community which engaged in the MS Forward View project is committed to achieving real change for people with MS.”

MS Trust and Sanofi Genzyme, July 2017