A music based walking app for MS?

Biogen is looking to utilise a music-based digital therapeutic to help improve the gait of multiple sclerosis patients who may have difficulty walking.

Developed by MedRhythms, the prescription app aims to do more than simply connect the beat of the music with walking cadence. The US-based company has been working on sensors and rehabilitation software for people with a range of neurological conditions—such as those recovering from stroke as well as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients—with the goal of retraining the brain and its motor systems.

Sensors attach to the shoes to analyse a person’s gait, while algorithms within the app alter the music’s cues in response to deliver rhythmic auditory stimulation.

MedRhythms has launched two pilot feasibility studies for MR-004, including at the Cleveland Clinic. If successful, a registrational trial will be initiated.