WFNR celebrates 25th anniversary

“Congratulations to the WFNR for all that it has achieved over the last 25 years.  Today the WFNR is a true advocate for neurorehabilitation” said Professor David Good, WFNR President as the organisation celebrates its 25th anniversary.  He continued: “We’re extremely grateful to all our members who have contributed to the success of the organisation in so many ways”.

The WFNR is a vibrant and dynamic multidisciplinary organisation, advancing the development and improving neurorehabilitation services across the world.  In addition to over 5000 members and 37 Special Interest Groups, the WFNR is now affiliated to 41 National Societies in various countries.  It hosts a biennial World Congress for Neurorehabilitation that rotates around the continents with the next WCNR heading to Vienna, Austria from the 14-17 December 2022.

Reflecting on the last 25 years Professor Michael Barnes, the founder of the WFNR said: “Our original aim has been met – to create a global organisation bringing together health professionals with an interest in neurorehabilitation.  It is now a recognised and respected sub speciality of neurology.  We now serve our patients much better than we used to and I think the WFNR has played a major role in that change. Thank you everyone!”

“Neurorehabilitation has an exciting future.  The WFNR will continue to play a major role as a ‘translational hub’, educating members about new science and technology.  There are so many new advances on the horizon; the use of brain computer interfaces, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and better biomarkers to name just a few. The future looks bright for our patients.”  

Professor Volker Hoemberg, President-Elect

In celebration the WFNR has just launched its new website and new members are always welcome.